Ultracopier 2.2

File copying tool with features like pausing, speed limits, etc.
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It’s true that the built-in utilities for making copies in most recent Windows versions have been improved and they now allow pausing the process and handling errors. However, most people would still prefer to use third-party software. UltraCopier is one of those tools developed to help you manage file copying processes. Probably the single most important reason why users turn to this type of application is its speed. Fortunately, UltraCopier is reported to be among the fastest copy handlers.

The application’s interface looks unfinished, so it surely needs a few touches. However, it is absolutely easy to use, even more if you are already familiar with other utilities of this type. Also, the installer package comes with two available skins. As to its features, it can speed up the copy and also allow managing the list of files. Furthermore, it asks you what to do when an error is encountered. While not in use, the application runs from the System Tray and becomes active whenever an operation that involves copying or transferring files and folders is invoked. Luckily, it supports installing additional plugins to expand its features.

UltraCopier has the advantage of being portable, which means that you can run it from a USB stick. Besides Windows, it also works on other operating systems, such as Mac and Linux, so you won’t have to get used to another copy-making manager if you frequently switch systems. As the standard version is open-source, it has a large community of developers that supports it, so it is more likely to be updated regularly.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It is integrated with Windows shell
  • It transfers data very fast


  • Its interface needs retouching
  • There are some language errors in the English version of the documentation
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